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Everything you need to know about Our Orion Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. dining table

Dining Room is where your guests and share important meals with family.The dining table is for no doubt the centerpiece of a dining room. Purchasing a new dining table is an extremely personal experience for many reasons. There are so many styles and materials out there in the market.


“Contemporary Style table”

Contemporary design can appear in a wide variety of looks, so long as they meaningfully present an “of the now,” up to date appearance. Contemporary tables can be found in every type of material and every shape configuration. In our Orion Industry and Trade we have developed a wide range of contemporary design with different materials including glass, marble, wood, MDF, etc. Our top featured contemporary dining table design is a set of square table with marble or wooden top and stunning leg design.

“Modern Style”

The modern style evokes a graceful mixture of utility and aesthetics that flourished beginning in the 20th century. It often feathered as clean lines and sharp angles. The utilization of new materials such as glass, marble brings a modern look and makes it easy to match with your home. 

“Scandinavian Style”

Talking about Scandinavian furniture style, the first word come to my mind is natural. A Scandinavian dining table is often characterized as simple, elegant and comfortable. Scandinavian style dining tables are made from fine woods like oak, walnut or ash, often combined with quality finishes or metal legs. With minimalist and clean shape, the tables are simple, elegant and fit perfectly in modern interiors. 

“Rustic Style”

Rustic style utilizes unpainted wood in more natural sense; hand-carved shapes for a simplistic, back-to-nature feel that makes it popular in cabins and cottages.

“Traditional Style”

Though it is 2017, the traditional style is still the most common style you’ll find in the dining table market. It often comes with elegantly carved wood, detailed textures, and rich proportions. If you are a fan of traditional, it is surely your best choice, let’s Orion Industry and Trade be your first choice.

“Industrial Style”

The world is enjoying the benefits of the industrial revolution. Thus make industrial style quite popular in interior design. A combination of wood and metal conveys the look and feel of factory machinery and tools.

“Coastal Style”

The coastal design is a decorating theme inspired by weathered furniture and nautical accents found in traditional coastal homes. It incorporates pale finishes, shades of blue and maritime elements such as compasses, marine life, anchors, and helms.

“Shaker Style”

Shaker style furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, commonly known as Shakers, a religious sect that had guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty. Their beliefs were reflected in the well-made furniture of minimalist designs. Furniture was made thoughtfully, with functional form and proportion. Cherry, maple or pine lumber is the most common materials.

“Cottage Style”

Cottage furniture is true to the Victorian style in that the beds have high (an excess of six feet or more) and lavishly decorated headboards. There is some carving, usually in the form of finials and medallions, but most of the decoration was painted. Flowers, fruit, and other plants were the most common motifs featuring a large painted bouquet-like medallion in a central panel on the headboard and a smaller, matching one on the foot-board.